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Aanur Amman Temple

Aanur Amman Temple is located at Aanur, AravakurichiTaluk, Karur District, Tamil Nadu. This temple had been devoted to goddess Amman. The goddess is the Kula Deivam (family god) of Payira Kulam sect people. A trident and peedam is found in front of the goddess shrine. Dwara Sakthi’s are guarding the shrine. A little tower is found over the goddess shrine. Tuesdays and Fridays are considered as auspicious days of goddess. Hence large number of female devotees is visiting this temple on these days to seek the blessings of the graceful mother. Devotees believe that the goddess will protect from the diseases, grant child boon and remove marriage obstacles. They perform archanai and offer vastras to the mother as their thanksgiving.

Geographical Position

Aanur Amman Temple at Aanur is located at 10.919148, 77.989919 or 10°55'08.9"N 77°59'23.7"E.