Alwarkurichi in Tirunelvili District, Tamil Nadu is fertile town famous for Paramakalyani Samedha Sivasailapathi located there. Many facilities and developments here are undertaken by the Simpson group of companies here.


Alwarkurichi is situated at 8°46'53.8"N 77°23'39.5"E towards the west of Tirunelveli and is a very fertile rice belt irrigated by two rivers namely gadana river and rama river in the east and west respectively. Maximum temperature reached here during summer (April to June) is 37oC and the minimum temperature reached here during winter is 16 oC.


The population of Alwarkurichi is about 12,000 of which about 72.5 % of the population are literate. Tamil is the main language spoken by the people here.


Agriculture is the main source of income of the people living here. Tourism is also developing at a good pace as many people are arriving here to pray at the famous temples here like Parama Kalyani Samedha Sivasailapathi, Siva Kamiambal Sametha Vanniappar Temple and Sri Mupidathi Amman Kovil.


Sri Paramakalyani group are involved in taking care of the educational needs of the people here. They run Sri Paramakalyani High School and Sri Paramakalyani college within the limits of Alwarkurichi.


Tirunelveli - Shencottai road is a major highway passing through Alwarkurichi. The Sivasailam road is another major road which passes through Alwarkurichi and joins with the Tirunelveli - Shencottai road. Alwarkurichi has its own railway station.