Ambasamudram has about 45,000 people living here at present and is one of the prominent Towns in Tirunelveli District.


Ambasamudram is geographically positioned at 8°42'13.0"N 77°26'57.4"E or 8.703609, 77.449288 and it receives most of its rains in the months of October, November and December from the North East Monsoons. The river Thamirabarani passes to the South of Ambasamudram.


85 % of the people living here are educated and almost all of the people living here speak Tamil. Most of the people living here know English too.


Ambasamudram is located about 48.8 kilometers to the East of Tirunelveli and has its own railway station at which several passenger trains stop regularly. The Tirunelveli-Shencottai road is a major road passing through Ambasamudram.