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Aathupalayam Dam is a major waterbody near Karur in K. Paramathi Taluk. This dam has been constructed to store waters of LBP canal(Lower Bhavani Project Canal) and Noyyal River and has a storage area of about 2,50,000 square meters. According to the initial plan the dam had been constructed so that its waters could be used to irrigate about 19,000 acres of fertile land. This dam is located about 40 to the West of Karur.

Aathupalayam History

The idea to build a dam across the river Noyyal to store water to be used for agriculture was conceived in the 1970s and construction of this dam began in 1980. The dam was constructed over a period of more than 10 years due to several reasons including lack of finance. Soon after its construction the textile sector at Tiruppur grew by leaps and bounds and the textile wastes and textile chemicals were mixed with waters of river Noyyal. As the river Noyyal brought polluted waters which could not be used for agriculture the basic need for constructing this dam was not fulfilled. Presently works are being done to prevent the waters from Noyyal from reaching the dam by diverting it using check dams. Maintenance work is also being carried out in the dam so that it can be effectively put to use.

Geographical position of Aathupalayam Dam

Aathupalayam Dam in Karur is located at 11°01'50.9"N 77°49'06.1"E or 11.030798, 77.818354.