Pamban is a coastal fishing town in West of Rameswaram Island which is also referred to as the Pamban Island. The first railway station in Rameswaram Island which helped trade with Sri Lanka (also known as Ceylon) and also helped pilgrims reach Rameswaram Temple was established here. The Pamban Railway station is more than 100 years old and was inagurated by Mr. Neville Priestley who the then MD of South Indian Railway Company Ltd on February 24, 1914.


Pamban is located at 9°16'56.6"N 79°12'45.0"E or 9.282397, 79.212489. Pamban has an Average Elevation of 7.5 meters above sea level. Pamban has a tropical dry climate with hot summers and cool winters. This region experiences most of its rain in the months of October, November and December due to the North East Monsoons. Maximum temperatures here are reached in summer during the months of April, May and June.


The population of Pamban as recorded during the 2001 census was 30, 926 with 15,919 being mean and 15,007 being women. The present population of Pamban is about 50,000 with the number of men being slightly greater than the number of women. Tamil is the most widely spoken language here.


Fishing is the main occupation of the people living in Pamban. A considerable amount of revenue is generated by tourism too with the arrival of pilgrims to worship at the famed Rameswaram Temple. A considerable number of people visit here to see the Pamban Railway Bridge too.