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Aadhi Sakthi Vinayagar Temple

Aadhi Sakthi Vinayagar Temple, Dasappa Goundenpudur, Periyakodiveri, Gobichettipalayam Taluk, Erode District, Tamil Nadu. Presiding deity of the temple is lord Vinayagar and is worshipped as Aadhi Sakthi Vinayagar. This temple had been constructed under Arasamaram. Punarudharana Ashta Bandhana Maha Kumbhabhishekam was celebrated on 07.09.1989. Jeernodharana Ashta Bandhana Maha Kumbhabhishekam was grandly celebrated on 30.08.2001. Devotees gave donations for the construction and renovation works. Their names were inscribed in granite stone and affixed at the temple wall. Devotees believe that the lord will remove obstacles and prosper their life. They perform archanai and offer vastras to the lord as their thanksgiving.

Geographical Position

Aadhi Sakthi Vinayagar Temple in Periyakodiveri is located at 11.497681, 77.302328 or 11°29'51.6"N 77°18'08.4"E.